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Cold Press Slow Juicer

Cold Press Slow Juicer

A fresh start for a healthy you.

This Cold Press Slow Juicer can form your favourite combination of fruits and vegetables into a fresh pressed juice with up to 20 minutes continuous use. Juicing provides many benefits because it retains most of the vitamins, phytonutrients and minerals essential for a daily recommended diet. The juicing process is simple- it slowly squeezes, liquefies and strains your fresh produce with minimal heat and friction exposure to deliver high quality fresh pressed juice straight into the included 500ml juice cup. The leftover fruit and vegetable pulp can dispense straight into the included 500ml pulp container.

The powerful 150-watt motor on this juicer is strong enough to press the hardest fruits and vegetables while providing consistent fresh juice through the fine strainer. Maintaining a peaceful atmosphere is no issue for the kitchen or office cafeteria because this slow juicer runs at low speed and low noise levels during all steps of the operation.

The wide feeding chute allows large, 4cm chunks of fruits and vegetables to be juiced. Fresh foods will guide through without any extra force, allowing you to effortlessly make beautiful and delicious creations with a high juice yield with minimal foaming. The non-slip grip pads on the bottom make for happy and safe juicing without the worry of any slips or spills.

When it is time for clean-up, simply pour water into the chute and put the juicer into reverse mode to wash away excess fibres and pulp. The included cleaning brush can help assist with cleaning in between every nook and cranny.

Start your day the healthy way and let this beautiful, sleek black Cold Press Slow Juicer guide you to a fresh lifestyle.

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