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15pc Hape All In 1 Kitchen

15pc Hape All In 1 Kitchen

15pc Hape All In 1 Kitchen

Children will love this multi-functional, All-in-1-Kitchen and its array of charming appliances and features, including a controllable range hood lamp and authentic microwave ding . Ask your child to prepare you a nice three-course meal or invite one of their friends over for some role-play fun! The All-in-1 Kitchen includes a variety of appliances and accessories including stove, dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, water faucet and sink, green organic vegetables and other utensils like pot, pan, shovel and scoop. Ages 3+
Unique features such as range hood with controllable light, microwave with authentic ding , coffee machine and coffee cups.
Made of sturdy and child-safe wooden materials.
Compact and robust design that will last for years.
Vegetable accessories promote the importance of healthy eating and a balanced diet.
Chalk board for messages and shopping lists.
Realistic knobs and dials make a reassuring click sound when turned.
Ample storage room.
Partly pre-assemble for easy set-up.
The two included coffee cups encourage children to share as they serve coffee to each other.

Recommended Age Range: 3+
Dimensions: W H D (97 x 97 x 37 cm Approx)


(1)Wooden Kitchen
Accessories included
(1) metal frying pan
(1) metal cooking pot
(1) metal spoon
(1) metal spatula
(2) coffee/tea cups
(2) saucers
and (2) potted felt plants

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