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Snap Circuits SC-300 Student Training Program

Snap Circuits SC-300 Student Training Program

Snap Circuits SC-300 Student Training Program - The Model SC-300R is an in-depth exploration of the electronic components included with the SC-300 Snap Circuits. Ideal for use in home schooling middle schools and high schools where students will grasp the basic principles of electronics. Requires four (4) "AA" batteries (Not included)
Features: Same as SC-300 with the Case Student Guide and Teacher Guide Included! Topics Covered:
Resistors Switches Capacitors Series Circuits Transistors Parallel Circuits Integrated Circuits
Motors. Two project books Student Guide (#753289) and Teacher Guide (#753290) included.
Custom Storage Case Each SC-300R comes with a lightweight durable case with custom foam inserts to store all Snap Circuits(R) parts. Easy to identify missing components. CI-73 Computer Interface with 73 extra projects is available for SC-300R and SC-500R only.

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