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Smartivity Junior Shapes and Opposites

Smartivity Junior Shapes and Opposites

Smartivity Junior Shapes And Opposites - Smartivity Junior Shapes & Opposites STEAM Educational Activity kit brings the same world-class engagement activities that Smartivity is known to provide schoolkids to your 2-5-year-old child. Smartivity Junior Activity Kits are designed in collaboration with teachers and curriculum experts in Asia's leading preschool chains.

Smartivity Junior kits blend hands-on learning through physical activity and tactile, sensory play, with cutting edge technology to ensure the all-round development of your child. Each Smartivity Junior Activity Kit contains multiple activities mapped to prescribed early-development learning milestones.

Smartivity Junior Shapes & Opposites STEAM Educational Activity kit contains 11 age-appropriate games and activities for 2-5-year-old preschoolers including 1. 5 (five) STEAM Learning Do-It-Yourself Spinner Ring Games covering Animals and A-to-Z alphabet themes, spread across 5 pairs (10 total) of sturdy, wear-proof Discs to develop your child's Association Skills, Cognition Skills, Spatial Skills through Tactile and Sensory Play 2. 3 (three) Augmented Reality (AR) Enabled Colouring Sheets with Smartivity's patented colour and pattern recognition technology, to bring your child's imagination to life 3. 3 (three) Augmented Reality Enabled Flash Cards to empower your child's learning with the latest blended learning technology 4. Lifetime FREE access to Smartivity Edge Augmented Reality App with access to dozens of interactive digital educational games for improving Memory, Analytical Skills, Pattern Recognition, Creative and Problem-Solving Skills. 5. 1 (one) Theme-based sticker activity sheet for reinforcing learnings from the activity. From age-appropriate STEAM learning games to Augmented Reality colouring, to Theme based sticker activity, Smartivity Junior Activity Kit delivers an all-round, learn-through-play mind-and-body experience that will help your child build Association Skills, Cognitive Skills, Spatial Skills, Analytical Reasoning, Gross and Fine Motor Skills, Pattern Recognition, Creative Skills and Problem-Solving Skills... all through play.

A new generation of learners deserves a fresh way of learning. Your child deserves the finest early-development tools that combine physical activity and interactive learning. Gift your child a new way to learn through multiple mediums and watch them learn and retain their learning through interactive, engaging experiences

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