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BKF Coffee Maker Cleaner 355ml 4 Pack

BKF Coffee Maker Cleaner 355ml 4 Pack

Includes: 4x BKF Coffee Maker Cleaner 355ml

Over time, oils and tannins build up in coffee makers, carafes, and mugs. Bar Keepers Friend Coffee Maker Cleaner removes oily residue for fresher-tasting coffee.

Add 30 mil for every 230 mil of COLD water to fill the coffee maker s water reservoir. Do not overfill. Remove any disposable filters or coffee pods from the coffee maker. Place the empty carafe or cup under the coffee discharge. Initiate the brew cycle, and repeat until the reservoir is completely empty. For coffee makers with a clean cycle, initiate the clean cycle and allow the cycle to run completely. Leave the cleaning solution in the carafe for 30 minutes. Discard the used Coffee Maker Descaler from the carafe or cup and clean the carafe or cup thoroughly. Fill the coffee maker reservoir with clean, cold water, and run another brewing cycle. Dispose of used rinse water and clean carafe or cup again.

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