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Bar Keepers Friend Ultimate Cleaners Pack

Bar Keepers Friend Ultimate Cleaners Pack

The Bar Keepers Friend Ultimate Variety pack is the perfect pack for the ultimate clean! This pack will cover you all the way from the bathroom to the Kitchen with the Soft Cleanser which removes hard water stains from your shower and can be used on all bathroom surfaces. The MORE Spray + Foam which is also our only non-abrasive product, means you can use it on more surfaces and the easy to use spray bottle comes with an interchangeable mist or foam nozzle. The incredible all NEW Toilet Bowl Cleaner which begins working right away. After applying it, allow five minutes for this product to dissolve hard water stains and restore shine. The Original Cleanser & Polish which is suitable for: ceramic tiles, porcelain, stainless steel, plastic, copper, china, glass, fibreglass, tile, grout, imitation marble, composition sinks and chrome. The Cooktop Cleaner effectively cleans glass and ceramic cooking surfaces without scratching and it also removes difficult lime and hard water stains. And lastly the Cookware Cleanser & Polish will keep your stainless steel, copper, ceramic and hard anodised pans in tip top shape with this gentle yet effective formula.

Includes: 1 x BKF MORE Spray & Foam 750ml 1 x BKF Cookware Cleanser & Polish 340g 1 x BKF Cleanser & Polish 340g 1 x BKF Toilet Bowl Cleaner 700ml 1 x BKF Soft Cleanser 737g 1 x BKF Cooktop Cleaning Kit 396g

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