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3Doodler STEM Kit

3Doodler STEM Kit

The 3Doodler EDU STEM Kit is a set of versatile accessories and activities that take your educational Doodling to the next level. With this STEM add-on, you can do (and Doodle) more bringing sought-after STEM innovation to your classroom. From Articulated Hands to Geodesic Domes working Rollercoasters and DNA Helixes students can now use the STEM Activity Kit to innovate in 3D with their 3Doodler Start or Create+ pens! An exciting new addition to your STEM repertoire. Designed for students all the way from grades 3 to 12. The STEM Accessory Kit includes: x1 3Doodler ball-and-socket silicone mold x1 3Doodler roller coaster mold x2 Doodle-proof activity sheets packed with Ideas & Project Blueprints for each mold x1 10% Off Plastic Coupon Make: * An Articulated Hand * Your very own Roller Coaster * A Geodesic Dome * A Five-Axis Arm * A Tripod Card Holder * A Helical Wind Turbine * A DNA Double Helix * And much more...

**Please note it does not include the 3Doodler Start pen and is an accessory to the 3Doodler Start pen.

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