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Smartivity XenoBotz

Smartivity XenoBotz

Is it a beast? Is it a bot? Neither, and both - it is Smartivity Xenobot Wreck-It-Saurus!!!
Introduce your child to the futuristic fields of Robotics and Animatronics with Smartivity Xenobotz Wreck-It-Saurus STEAM Educational Construction Toy kit, and spur their imaginations to build the synthetic beings of the future!

Smartivity Xenobotz Wreck-It-Saurus is an amazing do-it-yourself construction toy designed to help your child understand the science behind how animals walk using different combinations of limb movements. Xenobotz Wreck-It-Saurus is powered by an electric motor and incorporates a unique combination of drop-cam and gear mechanisms.

For an open-ended, exploratory play experience, your child's Xenobotz Wreck-It-Saurus has swappable limbs. This allows your child to experiment with different gait patterns of animals. The kit also includes elements to design different terrains and obstacles for your child to explore the effectiveness of their Wreck-It-Saurus' gait and its ability to overcome hurdles in its path. The toggle-switch-based ball-shooting mechanism integrated into the Xenobotz Wreck-It-Saurus makes for a cool mission-oriented close-ended game for your child to challenge themselves and their friends.

Each kit includes Smartivity's world-class Instruction Manual with easy-to-understand, richly illustrated, colour-coded, one-step-per-page, step-by-step instructions to build this cool construction toy.

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